45 min $95      60 min $120       75 min $140      90 min $160

We are here to create the best possible service. Every practitioner has a different scope of practice within their RMT training. Please read about each practitioner to see which would suit your needs. 

We always recommend that you communicate your needs to the therapist so we can best treat your needs.


Conditions treated: acute injury, chronic pain, pregnancy, relaxation, deep tissue, fascial stretch therapy (Dina's specialty).



Krissy works to reset people's nervous systems with low lighting, soft music and traditional massage techniques. She assesses your body on the table and strives to understand the functionality of your body. To fix and release the shortened soft tissue thus correcting your alignment.

Krissy books 60 minute appointments.


Dina has spent the last 20 years nurturing patients aches and pains.  The types of pain she commonly treats in her practice can range from simple body imbalances to more complex body trauma.  She provides a  professional healing environment in a very calm and relaxed setting over here at the Wellness Room.  Her skill set is intuitive and science based. Her touch is healing, informed, and most importantly, effective.  Her approach is holistic, collaborative and caring.  Patients express feeling re-energized and lighter at the end of their treatment together.

Dina books 60 minute appointments.