By having regular massages for your children you are teaching them to put their bodies first and develop self-care practices that can extend into their adult life. Treating children continues to be my favourite treatments as I witness their body's grow strong and develop healthy habits.


Regular massage has so many benefits for children:

  • decreasing anxiety and increasing calmness

  • decreasing tone from activity

  • encourage discussion about their body's well being


Bones can get misaligned and muscles stained when children injur themselves. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to get a child's body back on track.


** Please Note:

  • Most children can handle a 30 minute massage for their first time. We work up to full massages as they become more relaxed and familiar with treatment.

  • Bring shorts and a tank top for the child. (I’ve recently had a 4 year old lay still for 45min and enjoy the whole experience).



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