• If it’s your first time - fill out the online Intake form. This would be an email or located on your profile.

  • Covid-19 questionnaire expires every week. 

  • Be prepared to tell me how I can help you. Relaxation may be on the forefront, but we are here to fix problems as well. 

  • Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers, I’ll lead you on the path of discovery. 


If you are rushing to find parking, rushing in the door, rushing to fill out paperwork, it can take 10 minutes for your body to decompress and relax. By this time, we are a quarter way through the treatment. 


  • Dress simply.  Extra layers of clothes and jewelry will just take more time to remove.

  • You will be asked to undress and lay comfortably between the sheets. 

  • And if I can ask a favour, please remove your mascara before treatment - it stains the face cover. Thanks!



1. Focus on YOUR breathing.

If you are new to Massage it’s easy to focus on your therapist and the Massage. However this will just tighten up your body and not relax it. So breathe...

2. Talk to us. Tell us if you need anything to assist in your decompression. Heat, water, bathroom are just a few things. We are here to help!


3. Start drinking WATER, now!


Take your weight in lbs divide by 2 = oz of water you need per day. 


Your body, your mind, your energy will thank you.  If you don’t like water, buy a filter and add flavour. 


4. Don’t exercise after!


Go for a nice walk and move your body, but nothing too vigorous. 


5. Don’t just stop with the massage. Foam roll, stretch, heating and ice baths can be an additional approach to healing. 

Who are the Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters are those Beings who are wholly Divine, for They have made the Ascension as Beloved Jesus did. They are the elder brothers, the teachers of mankind on this Earth. Having lived through human experience, They have by Their own self-effort and Love of God become wholly Perfect and wield Power without limit. They labor ceaselessly to consume the discord generated on Earth, and give assistance without limit to all who will call to Them for help and make self-conscious effort to serve the constructive way of Life.

How do the Ascended Masters help us?

They are ready at all times to give without limit the Fullness of Their Blessings and Perfection to our Earth; but mankind must make the Call from the physical octave of Life in order to open the way for Their Great Perfection to flow into the daily experience of the individual. It is only in this way that humanity can become free from its misery, degradation, and limitation, because it must use its own energy to reach up and lift itself into the next Octave of Life, in order to expand the Light and Perfection of the “Mighty I AM Presence,” through its own self-conscious effort and desire to be Free.

Are there many Ascended Masters?

Every Ascended Master—and there are thousands of Them besides Beloved Jesus and Saint Germain—has gone the pathway humanity is now treading. They are helping to guard the evolving human race. They are real, living, tangible Beings.