Dina has spent the last 20 years observing clients patterns of body pain and learning how to provide the best care.  The types of pain she commonly treats in her practice can range from simple body imbalances to more complex  body trauma. Her gift to the client is to share her skills, knowledge and passion for assisting them on their healing journey to being pain-free and highly mobile.  


First goal:  to reduce pain. With less pain one can start to move more freely and sleep better enabling and enhancing the healing process. 


Each session always begins with asking you what your goals are on that specific day so there is no confusion, only clarity.  

There are always two plans.

Plan A is to help you out with your main issue, interest, and/or concern. That could be your whole body or your left foot. Either way, Plan A is to respectfully address you and your primary motivation. 

Plan B is to help you continue to do the things you love into your 90’s.

Please note Dina only offers 60 min treatments $115 //  and works on Wednesday and Friday Evenings.

*Two years ago I  made a very necessary and exciting addition to my practice- Stretch Therapy. I am able to help you effectively release areas of tightness, restriction and  tension on a level unachievable solely through massage.  What we aim to achieve is creating space between joints and  slide and glide between muscle groups. This is the ultimate goal for healthy joints and tissue. Clients are amazed how quickly and effectively shoulder, neck, ankle, hip and low back restrictions are freed up. Combined with swedish massage, deep tissue/myo-fascial hands on techniques  it's a very satisfying and winning combination to feeling great and  bringing balance back to the body.


I first began my career in bodywork in 2001 after completing my Clinical Aromatherapist training with renowned clinical aromatherapist Suzanne Catty. Author of  Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy.

In 2006 I graduated from Kikkawa School of massage as a Registered Massage Therapist.

I worked at Lifemark physio in Whistler from 2011-2018.

Here is a list of some of the tools I’ve acquired over the years and can integrate into your treatments: 

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy

  • Deep Tissue

  • Myo-Fascial Rolfing techniques 

  • Ligamentous Articular Strain Therapy

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Bowen Therapy/Nervous system regulation

  • Visionary Cranial Sacral

  • Zero Balancing

  • Yamuna body Rolling Table Treatment

  • Clinical Aromatherapy


This past summer I was experiencing shoulder and neck pain so severe that I was unable to sleep.  I went to Dina looking for her to address my neck and shoulder pain but Dina knew better.  Dina knew that source of my pain did not start with my shoulders but rather that my entire right side need to be addressed.  Dina is very body knowledgeable - treating the not just the problem but the source of the problem.  I highly recommend Dina for your RMT needs. "  





Please ONLY text us, we do not take phone calls.

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