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My name is Krissy Loffler, Registered Massage Therapist. I am raising my family in Squamish, BC where I have been growing my “therapeutic” practice since 2009. 

​I started The Wellness Room to create a healing space for people and families to restore their bodies and minds.

Like you, I am here for the healthy mountain living and am constantly working on finding the balance between health, family and everyday joy.

Krissy graduated in Vancouver, BC from Utopia Academy in 2009.

After graduation, she returned to Squamish and Whistler to work in physiotherapy clinics. She continues to develop her knowledge and practical skills with the active people of the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Krissy investigates how your body works and strives to get it back to a functional state. Acute injury, chronic pain, relaxation or pregnancy massage are just a few reasons to book a treatment with her.

Krissy's Schedule


Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 9:45am-2:30pm
Thursday 3:15pm-8:00pm




People come back to my for my direct approach, deep pressure and relentlessness pursuit to fix the problem(s).

Pain isn't fun and I love that I get to give people release in stressful times.

As a healthcare provider, it is my utmost desire to see people and families to be living the best life that they possibly can.

I often tell my clients ...

"If you want to be a vintage car, you need to get your oil changed. You only have one body, and to feel good when you are 80, you need to take care of yourself today."

Krissy Loffler RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

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