Tess graduated from Sutherland Chan School in 2016. After a decade in Toronto, she is happy to join the peaceful mountain life in Squamish.


Whatever state of health you are in, Tess will customize a plan to address your goals, incorporating a variety of evidence based techniques while leaving you feeling refreshed.


With previous experience offering Pilates, yoga, Reiki and sound healing, Tess looks forward to connecting to the wellness community and surrounding nature.

Offers 45min $95, 60min $115 and 90 min $160 treatments


Tess  works in a grounded relaxed state. A soft spoken practitioner that is great with children,


She offers your own choice of essential oils, soft spoken, great with children, elderly or trauma based, or people who want to relax in a silent environment. You feel decompressed and renewed Works Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings




Please ONLY text us, we do not take phone calls.

Krissy  604.967.1357

Jess Cho 604.653.6777

Tess Ahern 416.333.6104

Dina Goldfarb 604.698.8581