Online booking same as initial and subsequent acupuncture One of the modalities used in acupuncture treatments


Treatment time includes Assessment and Treatment

Acupotomy is a relatively new type of non-invasive acupuncture using a small needle-scalpel invented by Professor Zhu Hanzhang around 30 years ago in China. It is a slightly thicker and more blunt instrument that gets under the skin and is able to break apart adhesions and muscle knots more effectively than a regular acupuncture needle would. This technique is used to treat chronic injuries, as well soft tissue disorders and the abnormal bony growths that cause acute pain.

Initial $120 85 min

Subsequent Visits are $100 60 min


**  Treatment time includes Assessment and Treatment


RSN acupuncture testimony I hit my head hard a couple times snowboarding, I believe I had an undiagnosed concussion, definitely whiplash. Dealing with this chronic neck tension and headaches, I would get massage and chiropractic care monthly. These two treatments would manage the symptoms, but by the end of the month I was in dire need. Until I met the techniques of RSN or Acupotomy.


It took 3-4 treatments to really unwind my neck and shoulder tension, but it has been life changing since. I am free of motion sickness as a passenger, I can look up for extensive periods of time and I can go months without the tension coming back.


The treatment is pretty noisy, you can hear the fascial layers unwinding and it is not for the faint of heart, but I can't emphasize enough the relief it brings. I feel like I went back 20 years of tension and misalignment.


It’s also good to know there can be inflammation occurring post treatment. But coupled with a massage to flush out that area, the next day is spectacular. Six star rating!!"  

-Krissy Loffler Owner- The Wellness Room